Avoid These Six Dumpster Mistakes

Few sights are more welcome during a move than a dumpster being dropped off for your unwanted items. It's tempting to haul almost everything out to the dumpster so you never have to think about those items again. However, you do have to do some thinking about the dumpster in order to avoid trouble with others and ensure that you maximize the opportunity to dump things and get them out. Avoiding these six mistakes is important.

Ignoring Permits

If you don't know anything about securing permits, it's easy to forget to investigate them for your dumpster. Your town could have strict rules about anything that's going to end up on a public street, so if that's where you're planning to put the rental dumpster, you should ask whether you've got to complete an entire permit application for it.

Not Telling Neighbors

You may be a private person or keep to yourself, but if you're putting a dumpster on or in front of your property, it makes sense to notify as many neighbors as you can. You're not obligated to do this, but if you want to keep a harmonious relationship with the people around you, you should alert them that there could be extra noise when the dumpster is delivered and being filled.

Waiting to Decide What Will Go

You probably have some vague idea of what is going to go into the rented dumpster, but without a real plan, the process will take a longer time. In the days preceding dumpster drop-off, do some thinking or talking with family to know for sure what you'll be dumping. You may even want to move those items nearer to whatever door you'll be using.

Choosing a Bad Location

Remember that the dumpster and its contents will weigh a few tons and that can have some effect on whatever surface it's placed on. For that reason, you may want to skip the lawn, even if it's closer to your door. Stick with driveways or streets for the dumpster to sit on.

Dumping Wrong Items

Every rental company is going to have their own prohibited or forbidden items. Paint, vehicle tires, vehicle batteries, and other items should be asked about.


Dumping can only be done to a certain level; too many things in one dumpster can cause the company driver problems while reloading and driving around with an overly full dumpster. Ask beforehand what your limit is.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you remain in good spirits while using the dumpster. Discuss questions with the local company you're renting from, or call a company like Tri-State Disposal for more information.