Propane: Is It Safer And More Efficient Than Petroleum?

Home heating requires the use of fuel, such as petroleum or propane, to produce an even temperature. The differences between petroleum and propane are vast and it is worth understanding why propane is safer and more efficient than petroleum.

The Major Problems Behind Petroleum

Petroleum or oil is one of the most common home heating mediums in the world because it does have many advantages, such as decent efficiency. However, there are many problems with this type of fuel for heating a home. First of all, it is often quite expensive and subject to many price changes. As a result, it isn't always the best type of fuel for a home. In fact, it is a safer and less costly solution that a growing number of people are turning to for their home heating needs. There are many reasons that this is the case.

Why Propane Is A Safer Substitute

While propane and fossil fuels are both potentially explosive, getting propane is typically considered a safer and easier fuel to obtain than petroleum. This safety is due to the fact that most propane is drilled and used within the nation itself. Rather than having to import fossil fuel from a foreign nation halfway around the world, a person can use homemade propane.

As a result, their home is using a product that was safer to obtain and which helps minimize the transportation costs associated with fossil fuels. In fact, propane use in a home is likely to fuel other types of money-saving situations for a person.

Costs Can Even Go Down

Another nice thing about propane systems is that they simply cost a lot less than similar oil-fueled furnaces. For example, it costs over $2,000 less to install a propane system in a home. It will also save a person at least $100 a year in operating costs. While these numbers aren't incredibly high, propane is also not as subject to price changes as petroleum.

As a result, the cost of this kind of fuel system is likely to remain fairly stable over a several year period. Unfortunately for those who have fossil fuel systems, their prices are likely to go up and down with the market. This problem is particularly relevant when the often politically-difficult areas that provide this fuel are making a fuss.

So is it safer and more efficient to install propane tanks on a house when compared to oil? Absolutely. While propane does have some minor downsides, those who are looking for a high-quality and inexpensive furnace should try it out. For more information, contact companies like John Graves Propane of Arizona, Inc.